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Jim McDonald

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We’ve all experienced that sudden, rush of emotion when another driver cuts us off in traffic—our hearts beat faster and our bodies go into attack mode. When it happened to our next guest, author Jim McDonald, he had a startling realization: He had given the other driver (whom he didn’t even know) tremendous power over him.  After years of struggle with alcoholism McDonald achieved sobriety and has developed remarkable insights into making positive shifts in thinking and behavior, especially when coping with strong emotions. Instead of suffering from addiction, he now enjoys life and helps others to overcome painful, negative patterns. 

Jim McDonald is the Author of, Who Would I Be Without, a powerfully moving and inspirational novel that takes the reader through a courageous journey of self-discovery.

An energetic, quick thinking Inspirational Speaker and Facilitator whose presence and willingness to use the irony of his own life as a source of humor for learning creates an uplifting and enlightening experience. Jim’s skills, life experiences and dynamic presence support him in delivering a powerful message of rediscovering inner peace and joy in life. He focuses on universal themes which relate to any topic, any area of life, any forum or venue.

Jim's theme - Become a Student of Experience - teaches that the key to lasting change lies not in trying to change, but rather in the willingness to honestly accept who we are, in this moment. Our feelings, thoughts and body sensations are the only guide we need. Through uncovering who we really are today, the person we wish to be, our true self or unexpressed self, emerges effortlessly without the struggle and exertion associated with trying.

Honestly facing who we are right now strips away the persistent background unease many people sense is there but are unable to identify and frees us to experience the depth of life we long for in home, work, love, play and relationships.

Jim’s theme of canceling the background unease by becoming a Student of Experience can be applied to just about any situation to engage participants from a variety of occupations and lifestyles in an often-humorous look at the depth of their own self-awareness. His blend of teaching styles and traditions provides tools and techniques his participants can use to continue deepening the richness and fullness of their lives.    

As a sought-after Speaker, Facilitator and Coach, Jim McDonald uses an enriching blend of teaching styles and traditions.  He draws on his professional training, personal experience and humorous insight as the foundation for his dialogues, workshops and individual coaching sessions in a manner that fosters and supports expanding awareness.

After acquiring a Bachelor of Arts degree specializing in Interpersonal Communication and Group Leadership, Jim spent sixteen years honing his group facilitation and public speaking skills as a corporate Training & Development professional.  His continuing education includes an 18-month Gestalt Experience Training Program, and Gestalt Appreciative Inquiry approach to Personal Coaching. 

Jim has recognized personal victory over his lifelong struggle with codependency and addictions through the active synthesis of openness, honesty, spirituality and willingness into his daily living. His daily practice is dependent upon the suspension of judgment through looking directly at it - a process that continually deepens his joining with others.   

His practice of being willing to look honestly at himself, combined with his life and professional expertise, have shaped Jim into a dynamic and inspirational "Student of Experience™.  

He shares his powerful message of self-awareness and inner peace through printed materials, presentations, workshops and coaching sessions. 

Jim McDonald's Student of Experience™ pracitce is a way of being in the world that uncovers the love and peace already inside each of us in an empowering and self-nurturing manner. The principles are universal and naturally position us to live  more happy and peaceful lives.


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