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Gary J. McDonald 

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You have heard us many times before say that the answers to many of life’s questions can be found in one place…the Bible. Regardless of how difficult the question, you can find the answers there. Our author today is going to take us on a spiritual journey. His incredible work covers everything spiritual from A to Z. Forty-plus thought provoking chapters not only explain the meaning to life and what you need to know to get to heaven, it decodes major tenets of the Bible’s New Testament, marries intelligent design with evolutionary theory, merges mankind’s major religions and ancient philosophies with scientific theories and new age principles, and exposes the secret behind 2012 prophecy. This book will disclose to you simple but effective ways in which to make positive changes in your life now. The book is titled,” EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO GET TO HEAVEN: DECODING THE BIBLE-THE SECRET BEHIND 2012,” Our guest today is a licensed professional counselor and is well versed in spiritual subject matters, trained in past life regression and has worked with Celtic, Native American and Peruvian shamans.  Please welcome to Your Life Matters author Gary J. McDonald.

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