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Emma Mellon, Ph.D.

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Here is today’s question…How many of you have dreams when you sleep? I am sure the answer is most of you. How many do you really remember? And what do these dreams mean? Now Steve, are you telling me the dream that I am going to be chased by a little green alien with a dog leash who wants to take me back to his planet for a pet is real? No, though you might want to stop watching the science channel. Here is something you may not be aware of….the solutions to life’s biggest challenges lie in your unconscious self—that is where dreams are born. Think about it for a moment, you wonder if that new relationship is going to work out for you? Is that career change you really want to make going to backfire and you will be unemployed and homeless? Now please understand that this is not a dream dictionary we are going to speak about today. As our guest today has said, “Dreams don't give themselves away easily. They like to be courted. They want us to spend time, to think less and feel more, to imagine and to play.” The great book we will talk about today is called, “Waking Your Dreams: Unlock The Wisdom of Your Unconscious.” Our guest today for almost 20 years has been a licensed psychologist. She is also a teacher, public speaker and accomplished author. It is our honor to welcome to Your Life Matters Dr. Emma Mellon.

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