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Sharon R. Murphy

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Today I want to take our listeners on a tour. In many regions of the country it is cold outside so we can do this from the warmth of your home or office. We are going to take you on a tour of the nursing home industry. Now some listeners may think we have visited this place before. Well we took a quick tour the last few times. What makes this time different? The book we will be discussing today is called “Nursing Home Confidential: The Insider's Guide To Navigating The Nursing Home Industry”. It is a hands-on guide for families who are forced to travel into this arena. It is about what family and friends can do to assure optimal care and quality of life. From choosing the right home to paying for it, from the rights of residents to getting the services and attention desired. As I have said before, it is a very painful, stressful decision to place a loved one in a nursing home. You need to have all of the information prior to going in. And who better to get the info from? Our guest today is a licensed nursing home administrator and a loving daughter whose father was placed in the nursing home in which she worked. She has worked as a licensed nursing home administrator for more than two decades, during which time she has been employed by medium-sized organizations and a large national corporation. In addition to being an Executive Director, she was Regional Vice President overseeing the functions of four nursing homes. Homes administered by her have been honored with awards of excellence. It is our honor to Welcome to our show Sharon R. Murphy. 

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