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Rusty Bladen

A veteran of the Indiana music scene, Bladen powers the crowd at his shows with an atmosphere of party songs, sing-alongs and a whole lot of audience participation. A college favorite, Rusty has cultivated an extremely loyal Midwestern fan base for his band and his solo performances.

Rusty's solo show is a high energy, freewheeling tour-de-force of Bladen originals, songs from the radio, and some excellent hippie country-rock tunes. The band show is an exhibition of what five guys holding onto the same roots rock and roll rope can pull an audience into. The band shows are fun, rockin' and loud. The solo shows are fun, rockin' and almost as loud.

Selling more than 15,000 copies of his original CD's, Ride That RIver, Everything for Everybody, Rockin Your Houseparty, Are You Happy Now? and Live Acoustic at the Hoosier Theater, Bladen ranks as one of the best selling independent artists in the state.

Francie Bond

Today, we continue our musician series with a very special guest. Her name is Francie Bond. For over 10 years now many people from Tennessee, Ohio, Illinois and right here in Indiana have had the pleasure listening to her ministry and performances at benefits, community events, retreats, Easter & Christmas programs, on the Sky Angel network in Pigeon Forge and in Marion, OH on TV 39 on the Saturday Night Live Gospel Sing which, like this show, is streamed live on the net. There is a CD available in stores titled "Livin' In The Rain". It is Francie's debut CD and includes many great songs, some of which you will hear clips of today as you just did right at the opening today. Joining her today on our show is her husband Carl. Carl writes some great gospel songs and is the manager. They have been married over 22 years! It is our honor to welcome to Your Life Matters and Your Christian Life Matters, Francie and Carl Bond.

William Dale Brewer

Our special in studio guest today is local musician and fellow business owner William Dale Brewer. William joins us today as part of our local Musician series.

Currently performing with "The Hot Wired Band" William has been writing and performing his own country music songs since he was a child.

Listening to Brewer will remind you of the classic style of country singers. His rich vocals and lyrics are a throw back to the days of country songs that lasts for generations. Give a listen to this music, as we present three songs from his latest CD he is working on.

Paul Cardall

The beautiful music clip you heard right before our introduction is called Gracie’s Theme. It was written and recorded by our very special guest today. He is a truly remarkable individual. See our guest today was born, essentially with half a heart. He lived more than 30 years with this heart defect and had numerous procedures and surgeries. Then he was informed that his heart would not beat much longer. He had to have a heart transplant if he was to stay alive. This book gives us an intimate insight into a miraculous journey that convincingly shows that God knows us personally and that we are put here on earth for a reason. The book we are going to discuss today is called “Before My Heart Stops: A Memoir.” As you heard, he is a musician, in fact an award-winning musician and is also a popular speaker. He is a family man, husband and father. He and his wife Lynette also founded  The Paul Cardall Family Foundation which helps others with congenital heart disease and other related congenital disorders. It is our honor to welcome to our show today Paul Cardall.

Bryan Cole

As part of our musician’s series on Your Life Matters we would like to welcome Bryan Cole. Bryan hails from Western Pennsylvania among the ghosts of a former steel town and blue-collar community. He began his love for music at the age of seven, where he performed in front of ten thousand people. His childhood was no different than any other young man; with the exception that Bryan was gifted with truly exceptional vocal and musical abilities. He knew very early on what his life calling was and he would approach this calling with the utmost tenacity, drive and spirit.

Bryan Cole

Usually when you turn on your radio or tune into a satellite station or just surf the net for music, you hear an artist you may not recognize but you think “Man that was good.” You have no clue who the artist is but you begin to look for more information on that artist. That is what our musician series here on Your Life Matters is all about. Hearing that music you think, “I really like that” and finding out more about the artist. Today is absolutely no different.In fact today puts an exclamation point on this theory for our show. You see the artist we are going to present today has been here once last season. His singing voice, playing ability, writing skills are ratable right up there with some of the legends of Country Music. Notice I did not say the best, I said the legends. The breakthrough artist we are going to talk to today is Bryan Cole. Last time we spoke about his debut CD “Wide Open Road.” On that CD he has a string of veteran studio musicians who have played with the who’s who of country music. The CD remained in the top 10 on the Roots Report Pop Country Chart for over 4 months It was a timeless collection of twelve compositions by Bryan and his longtime collaborator and manager, Michael Stover of MTS Management, as well as such heavyweight tunesmiths as Kent Blazy and Tom Paden, writers of Bryan’s second single, “It All Comes Back to Me.” Following up the astonishing international success of “I’m Comin’ Home,” (#1 US Indie World, #11 Italy, #17 Switzerland, #23 Norway, #27 Austria) Bryan rose to the top of the charts once again with “It All Comes Back to Me.”  The second release from Wide Open Road, the song hit both the radio and music video charts (#14 Cashbox, #9 MySpace Videos, #10 Y’allWire.)  His third single, “If Only” charted in the US Top 5 (#4 Cashbox) and received more international airplay than any other of his songs to date. Impressed yet? You should be because his new CD “Pride & The Passion” is getting acclaimed success both here and overseas. It is our honor to welcome back a great musician, singer, songwriter and friend Bryan Cole.

Philippo Franchini

As part of our musician interview series here on Your Life Matters we have a very special guest joining us today. Our guest today is a world-renowned veteran musician. He has studied under some of the noted pioneers in the sound healing field. Now let me explain. This is Nada Yoga, which is the Yoga of Sound. It uses specific kinds of sounds, tones and intervals to create harmonious effects in the nervous system and open us to higher consciousness. We are also going to talk about his newest album, Magic and Grace which is a collection of compositions written and performed by our guest and some fine musical collaborators that is informed by the art and science of tones, intervals and tempo to quickly reduce stress putting the listener in a state of deep relaxation within seconds. Our guest today is the extremely talented Philippo Franchini. He is known as the Musical Alchemist. He is a Soul Man though not the soul you may be thinking about though. It is our honor and special privilege to welcome to Your Life Matters, Philippo Franchini.

Gold City Gospel Quartet

Our next guest, along with his Gospel quartet has spread God’s ministry now for 30 years. They have won over 60 Music Fan awards and numerous SGN Music Awards.  They are one of Christian music's best-known and well-loved entertainers. With their 2008 release of the CD “Moment of Truth” it marks 41 releases since 1984. Please help us welcome Daniel Riley of the Gold City Gospel Quartet to our show.

Mark Gravely of the Top Hat Blues Revue

We want to welcome you back to another of our great unsigned musician series. Today’s show will be no exception. Guitar great Jimi Hendrix once said, “Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel.” The great Janis Joplin once said “Audiences like their blues singers to be miserable.” Blues music comes from your soul. You can very easily learn a bunch of chords but it is not blues unless the music comes from a dark spot, deep within your inner self. The sound that comes out rings out and communicates with people as it is something more than a bunch of musicians playing chords and notes… it is a feeling…it is The Blues! Our guest today is no stranger to the blues. Playing them that is. I go back a number of years with our guest today. He is no stranger to the stage and also no stranger to the airwaves as well. Today we have the pleasure of talking with Mark Gravely. His band, Mark Gravely and The Top Hat Blues Revue have been entertaining audiences for a number of years. By day he is one of the morning show hosts of WTRE in Indiana as well as being one of the co-owners of the station. Today we will talk about his music and the band’s CD, “Dancing Blues”. It is our honor and Jenn & I’s personal pleasure to welcome not only a great musician but a great friend as well, Mark Gravely.

Calvin Ray Johnson

As part of our musician series here on Your Life Matters, we are extremely proud to welcome Calvin Ray Johnson to our show. Calvin is one of Kentucky's best Country Music Artists. Calvin began singing at age 18. Calvin also has a life threatening illness called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy but he has never let that stand in the way of his dreams. In his 11 year singing career he has performed on National TV 6 times.  

Throughout his life Calvin has spread awareness about Muscular Dystrophy on a local and national level at telethons and fundraisers. In Aug. 2007 he recieved the Epiphone Lifetime Achievement Award for his Humanitarian Work with MDA and for his musical achievements.

Kenny Melton

Today we are going back to a segment we used to run frequently on our show. Not only did we speak with some great authors, we spoke with some phenomenal musicians and singers. Well I can tell you is that today is absolutely no exception. It was about a year ago the last time we spoke with talented ministry.  If I took you back to the group’s origins I would be taking you back to about 1973. That’s when George and Nedra Melton began to sing together. As their children Rhonda, David, Rachel, Kenny, & Andy matured, one by one they began joining their parents and the result has been a blessing bestowed upon us by the Lord, the music and legacy of the Melton Family Singers. I have to say that Jenn & I were blessed to have been able to experience the inspirational ministry of the Melton Family. On May 15, 2010 George Melton was called home to be with the Lord. If you need to know what a great Christian and person George was, I invite you to listen to the last interview we did back in the end of 2009. I can truly say I have been blessed to have met George and spend some time with him that evening. Now I want to take you to December 2010. A few evenings ago Jenn & I had the honor of hearing Kenny Melton sing and play some inspirational gospel music and even Christmas songs for our local Church. Whereas Kenny was here solo, he still performs regularly with his Mom Nedra and his sister Rhonda Melton McNerney as the Melton Family Singers. It is our honor to welcome back to our shows, a good friend and Evangelist Kenny Melton. 

Melton Family Singers

Our very special guests are the Melton Family Singers. Three generations of the Melton Family sat down with Jenn, Steve & Mike Bartlett for an amazing tale of decades of musical ministry. Recorded prior to their concert at the Westport Christian Church. We have also included a few songs from their performance.

Amanda Nagurney

Our guest today is upcoming Country music artist Amanda Nagurney. You will hear some of her music as well as learn about Amanda's story as she begins her rise to the top of the charts. This interview is part of our local musician segment.

Amanda Nagurney, 21 year old singer, songwriter and musician is in the process of finalizing her album "So Full of Country". She began listening to country music at a very young age and by the age of seven realized her passion of singing and performing. While on a trip to Nashville, Amanda toured the Country Music Hall of Fame and recorded at the famous Ryman Auditorium. It was here as she learned the history of country music and found this is where her heart lies.

Dr. Mache Seibel - DocRock

Our guest is Dr. Mache Seibel, better known as DocRock who shares some of his songs and ways to Amp Up Your Health! HealthRock® sets health education to music and song to make health information more memorable, enjoyable, and actionable. Award-winning physician Mache Seibel, MD aka DocRock™ combines up-to-the-second health education with rollicking, catchy music to give kids of all ages the information and inspiration they need to stay healthy, happy, and productive.

Dr. Mache Seibel is not your typical doctor. Yes, he is a real doctor who sees patients, and he teaches in a medical school. But when he's not doing the usual doctor stuff, he is DocRock™ - singing and recording fun music about health and wellness so that everyone can learn how to be healthy. DocRock's music is called HealthRock®. Come listen to songs about nutrition, hygiene, smoking, obesity, and much more. The doctor is in!

Olivia Smiley

Upcoming bluegrass artist Olivia Smiley has already obtained the titles of Kentucky & Ohio State Fiddle Champion & Governor's Cup Winner twice each.  In addition, she was also the Indiana State Champion & Governor's Cup winner, three-time winner of the Indiana State Fair, and was runner-up at the prestigious Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas, two times.  Most recently, Olivia was a top-ten finalist in the Grand Masters Fiddle Championship held in conjunction with IBMA's World of Bluegrass for the second consecutive year.  A classically trained musician, Olivia fell in love with bluegrass music at the age of 14, and released her first solo album in 2005.  Playing music has allowed Olivia the opportunity to play many wonderful venues.  She has graced Grand Old Opry stage with Pam Tillis and just completed the 2009 tour with Larry Sparks.  Olivia Smiley & Main Street have appeared at the Bill Monroe Memorial Bluegrass Festival at Bean Blossom, the Miami University Artist Series,  Indianapolis State Fair, Corydon's  "Bluegrass on the Square" and the WHAS TV "Crusade for Children" telecast.   

Southern Tradition

Our guests today were good friends and talented singers Ken and Mark Taylor.

Southern Tradition is one of the newest and most exciting gospel quartets in America today. Made up of Ken Taylor (lead/MC),
Mark Taylor (baritone), Thomas Nalley (tenor), Paul Allman (bass) and Brandon Hooker (piano) their intricate harmonies, detailed arrangements, and versatility, place this group in a league all their own. 

These young men have a style that reflects the nostalgia of their predecessors on the classics as well as a modern day sound that is fresh and enlightening.

Once you have experienced the group in a concert setting you will see why Southern Tradition has been labeled as Gospel Music Premier Southern Gospel Quartet. 

Southern Tradition

Southern Tradition is one of the newest and most exciting gospel quartets in America today. Made up of Ken Taylor (lead/MC), Mark Taylor (baritone), Thomas Nalley (tenor), Paul Allman (bass) and Tommy Fairchild (piano) their intricate harmonies, detailed arrangements, and versatility, place this group in a league all their own. 

These young men have a style that reflects the nostalgia of their predecessors on the classics as well as a modern day sound that is fresh and enlightening.

Once you have experienced the group in a concert setting you will see why Southern Tradition has been
labeled as Gospel Music Premier Southern Gospel Quartet. 

Michael Stover

Angelspeak is the creation of lead vocalist and songwriter, Michael Stover. Michael is a former member of Forever Endeavor (Christian Metal), Stormfront (rock) and 2nd to None (coverband). He is a Billboard Magazine Songwriters Contest winner (Cold-Blooded), and his songs have been recorded by Bryan Cole, Kevin Morgan, Deanna Dawn Denning, and Vonne Andring. With Angelspeak, Michael is dedicated to testifying through its melodic rock with a message. Angelspeak's debut cd will begin production late 2010. 

Riley Weston

As part of our special musician section of Your Life Matters, today we are proud to present to you Singer, songwriter, actress, writer, producer, author and country recording artist Riley Weston. 

Riley Weston has worked as an actress and writer on many television shows and feature films.  She is also a country music artist!  Her first single, If I Said Howdy To You has just been released.  She is currently working on her debut album, Surrender Laughing.

The Woodsmen Quartet

Our guests are the multi-talented Christian recording artists The Woodsmen Quartet. These talented singers agreed to sit down exclusively with Your Life Matters prior to a performance here in Westport. We were assisted in the interview by Rev Mike Bartlett of the Westport Christian Church. You will also hear their music during the interview.