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Tamra Nashman

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Author, speaker, life coach talks about surviving a plane crash and turning her life around helping others.

‘Shoes for the Spirit’ is a book that will guide you in your personal journey. It contains over 50 real- life inspirational and motivational stories of ordinary people from all walks of life who have encountered personal difficulty and have found the tools to walk through their journey with a victorious outcome.

‘Shoes’ is a metaphor for the passage. We all wear different shoes at different times in our lives- and it’s important to know what shoes to put on for the specific path ahead of us. ‘Shoes For The Spirit’ offers that guidance to the reader.

If you are looking for the path to overcome anger or depression, and to step through stress or to walk through jealousy, then ‘Shoes For The Spirit,’ is the book for you. If you desire to forgive those who have offended you, and to triumph over issues of rejection- if you want to walk in physical health and come to a true understanding of the benevolence of God, then ‘Shoes For The Spirit’ is a wonderful tool in your life’s journey.

Tamra Nashman holds a Master's degree and is a University level educator. She is a print and media talent and licensed minister. Tamra has spent the last twenty years as a keynote speaker and lecturer on inspirational and motivational topics to people in corporations, colleges, universities and other various needs groups. Through her heartaches, trials and victories, Tamra speaks about those things she's learned on her journey: effectively dealing with stress and depression, parenting, marriage and family relationships and forgiveness, conflict resolution and anger management. Tamra has survived a plane crash, relationship trauma and the loss of a child. Because of her experiences, she has been able to help many people work through their traumas with her successful formula for finding the right shoes for their personal journey. Her book 'Shoes For The Spirit, Encouragements' carefully tackles difficult subjects with humor, intelligence and compassion.

Let me introduce myself! I'm Tamra Nashman and I'm a lady who's worn a lot of different pairs of shoes in my life. I was raised in the little town of Herrin, Illinois. My parents were wonderful, loving people who taught me the importance of integrity, tenacity, and faith.
When I was of age, I moved to St. Louis, Missouri where I studied education and music. I received a Bachelors and Master's degree at Webster University in St. Louis and went on to teach at the University level.

I married my husband after meeting at a music seminar in Estes Park Colorado and my experiences in that marriage equipped me to help others to effectively deal with their relationship challenges and trauma

I've lost a child in the second trimester of my pregnancy and know the pain associated with this kind of loss. My parents both passed away recently- within 11 months of each other and I've learned a great deal about the pathway through grief. It's very satisfying for me to teach people how to walk through their devastation to a place of peace.

Having survived a horrific airplane crash- the worst in 500 according the FAA- I know what it means to experience profound trauma and I understand the process in the road to recovery from those types of experiences. My life is dedicated to helping people find hope in overwhelming circumstances and to see the possibilities rather than the misfortune.

All of my life experiences and my education serve me well as I speak to corporations, colleges and universities across the country, helping people work through their life issues and to become the individuals they desire to be.
 The concept for my book 'Shoes For The Spirit,' was birthed through the many complications I've walked through in my life. I've found an excellent path to help me, and many others, come to a place of wealth and wholeness and these secrets are shared in my book. What makes my book 'Shoes For The Spirit,' unique from other available books on the market is my first-hand experience with human trauma, suffering and need. I understand the struggles common to humanity and can honestly say I've found the road to recovery. I'm a 'Go-To Relationship Expert', who truly empathizes with others struggles because I've stepped into their shoes.
 I've been an inspirational and motivational speaker for the past twenty years and have also been a counselor and life-coach to many. My greatest joy is to help people find the right shoes for their personal journey and to develop both their gifts and talents for their personal betterment.

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