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Lisa Natoli
Mariella School

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Tired of dieting? Going from one diet to another? Maybe you lose a few pounds, then end up putting it back on? Do you really feel this is healthy and helping you? Are you ready to be healed from Food Addiction? Our guests this morning, authors Lisa Natoli and Mariella School have written the book, “It Totally Matters: Healing Food Addiction with a course in Miracles” and are going to share something they and show you a program entailing 40 days of passion and purpose.


Retracing my healing, remembering the seductive nature of this addiction, the words that come to me are “it was not easy.” Yet I see now how every step into myself was heavily supported by the universe, and in that sense, miraculous. My “way” was to take tiny little steps, learning to listen to myself, to trust, and to abandon my fear. Needless to say, it took me a while.
 I feel very relieved now to be in a space of complete openness ... to feel so relaxed about myself and to know my life is really blessed. Life now is full of joy, and I do all the fun things that I want to!
 I am no longer able to stay in negative situations or emotions for very long at all.
 It is such a privilege to share this transformation with you because I know if I can be healed of food addiction, anybody can!
 The key is that you are free. I can look at you in a light, one that you have perhaps forgotten, that will bring you great joy. It is my honor to help you to see yourself anew, to remember who you really are.
 All you need is the commitment to get to know yourself, and to hold yourself like I did.
 I have so much joy now just being myself because I dropped the compulsion to be perfect. I feel like all the separate parts in me are showing up, presenting themselves to me, unafraid to be “seen” now. In that, I am healed.
 I can see now that in my life I always was surrounded with beautiful and helpful people and that the only thing that was missing was ME. It was super exciting to develop a relationship with that girl... with me!
 Over the course of my healing, I turned from an old looking 20-year old to a young looking 40-year old. I found out that I am very playful and that I have a great ability to have fun and to enjoy little things. I literally received myself and I learned to be consistent in this; to open to my own embrace. I learned to stay connected with my own flow. I learned a willingness to support myself in everything.
 That blessed time came for me in which I knew I would never again would fall back into the food addiction anymore. I had become completely freed from the obsession that hunted and haunted me for such a big part of my life. It felt almost “suddenly”! I had come to recognize myself in a new light. Yet, in reviewing and remembering, the story seems to have been one of challenge, determination, and victory – culminating in a resurrection of sorts.

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