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Jim O'Rear

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Take a spooky and often humorous trip into Tennessee's bloody and violent haunted history, from Civil War skirmishes to entertainment-industry tragedies. Through tales of spectral encounters, you will meet the Bell Witch (the only ghost to kill a living human being), Old Green Eyes (a mysterious demon in the woods), "Bob" (a nuisance Rebel soldier), and Little Timmy (an attention-seeking shadow). The book features over 60 photos and illustrations that bring more than 25 stories to life.  Jump into the creepy atmosphere that surrounds Tennessee, one of the most haunted locations in the United States. Our guest today has been involved in the entertainment industry for over twenty five years, beginning his career on tour as The Youngest Professional Magician with David Copperfield, Harry Blackstone Jr., and The Great Tomsoni and opening for acts like Cheap Trick and John Anderson.  He has Martial Arts skills, holding belts in American and Traditional Korean TaeKwonDo, and more. He is a musician who has played jazz, symphonic, rock, and country music. He has been in numerous movies. Written screenplays and is an author. And today we are going to speak about his book “Tennessee Ghosts”. Please welcome to our show the multi-talented and one of the horror genre's busiest entertainers who was just selected as One Of The Top 25 Filmmakers Of 2010 By Hollywood RockStar Magazine! Jim O’Rear.

Jim O'Rear has been involved in the entertainment industry for over twenty five years, beginning his career on tour as The Youngest Professional Magician with David Copperfield, Harry Blackstone Jr., and The Great Tomsoni and opening for acts like Cheap Trick and John Anderson.

With his "magical" background and having been trained in New York at The American Academy Of Dramatic Arts, it was only natural that Jim move into the realm of film, television, and theatre where he has worked steadily as an actor, stuntman, and special make-up effects artist on such projects as Day Of The Dead, Star Trek 4, The Vampire Wars, Lethal Weapon 3, Creature Feature, Hayride Slaughter, Cop & ½, Psycho Beach Party, Evita, Little Shop Of Horrors, No Retreat No Surrender 3, Mortal Kombat: Conquest, and many more with actors including Martin Sheen, Burt Reynolds, Mel Gibson, Amanda Plummer, Maximillian Schell, Robert Englund, Jon Voight, Chris Sarandon, and others.

Wanting to get some of his own ideas onto the screen, Jim successfully moved into the area of screenwriting. Although competition is tough, he has written and sold a number of horror-related screenplays, including The House Of Pain (in development with Robert "Freddy" Englund, Gunnar "Leatherface" Hansen, Tom "Friday The 13th" Savini, Bill "ChopTop" Moseley, and Debbie "Scream Queen" Rochon), Hayride Slaughter, Hayride Slaughter 2, The Deadly Obligation, Vampyre Tales, Wolfsbayne, THE DEEPENING, and (currently screening in select areas) SCREAM FARM. Jim also placed third for Best Screenplay in TSA's screenwriting competition and is a current finalist in the Fade In Screenplay contest and Writer's Network competition.

Jim's horror writing has not stopped there. He has also contributed many articles to national publications, such as Scary Monsters Magazine, Haunted Attraction Magazine, Comics Interview, and Underground Entertainment, and has been recognized in Fangoria Magazine, Alternative Cinema, Fright Times, and Femme Fatale Magazine. Jim was also "immortalized" as a comic book character opposite Thor in an issue of MARVEL Comic's "What The…?" and will soon be appearing as himself (along with Ken Foree, Tom Savini, Debbie Rochon, Brinke Stevens, James Gunn, and more) in the fictional horror novel, BAD MOON RISING… the third installment of Jonathan Mayberry's GHOST ROAD BLUES trilogy…. and in ZOMBIE: CSU. In addition, Jim has written a paranormal book about real hauntings in the state of Tennessee for Schiffer Publishing (in stores now) titled TENNESSEE GHOSTS and is working on a followup book about Hollywood paranormal films.

Currently, Jim continues to work as an actor and stuntman on several films per year, recently cast opposite Andrew "Wishmaster" Divoff (Lost, Airforce One), Tom Savini (Grindhouse, From Dusk Til Dawn), and Jason Carter (Babylon 5, Angel) in THE DEAD MATTER, starring opposite Kane "Jason" Hodder (Hatchet, Friday The 13th) in OLD HABITS DIE HARD, acting opposite Linnea Quigley (Return Of The Living Dead) and Monique Dupree in Post Mortem America, appearing with Ari Lehman (Friday The 13th), Daniel Taylor (Return Of The Swamp Thing), John Dugan (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), and Playmate Alex Del Monnaco in Hell-ephone, portraying an alien bounty hunter in IT CAME FROM TRAFALGAR with Reggie Bannister (Phantasm), Butch Patrick (The Munsters), Gunnar Hansen (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Brinke Stevens, Debbie Rochon, and Linnea Quigley, appearing with Tiffany Shepis, Gunnar Hansen, Ed Neal, and John Dugan in Shudder, working with Tom Savini, Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes), Tiffany Shepis, J. LaRose, and Debbie Rochon in VORACIOUS, and is in development deals for three more of his screenplays. Jim is also the Midwest Case Manager for THE HOLLYWOOD GHOST HUNTERS and goes on regular paranormal investigations with the group across the country. As if that isn't enough, Jim continues to write for horror publications all over the world and consult for horror-related projects internationally.

Jim, also, completed a new Co-Production agreement to produce a number of his original screenplays and television ideas under the new banner of ALLIED HORROR, LLC.

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