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Mark Osteen

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Today we are going to talk about autism. Now the word is becoming something that most people have heard about and maybe have a slight understanding of the meaning. So today’s question is what is autism? Here is something that is very alarming and we need to take note of…According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in every 110 births in US are born with autism. And it is almost 1 in 70 boys. There are currently a few million Americans living with this spectrum disorder. This can cost a family 3-5 million dollars over a lifetime. OK, so what if it was your child that has autism? There are different levels of autism, so what if your child has severe autism? How would you handle this? Could you accept the fact that your child would always seem different to others. Now, I emphasize the word different. See he may act differently and perceive the world differently from most, but he is a feeling, thinking human being with a disability who deserves acceptance and respect. Today we are going to talk about the amazing book, “ONE OF US: A FAMILY’S LIFE WITH AUTISM.” It is written by a proud father, sax player, has BA and MA degrees, an accomplished author, a Ph.D. in English literature and teaches at Loyola University in Maryland. Please welcome Mark Osteen to our show. 

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