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Troy Parkinson

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Communicating with spirits was the last thing our guest today ever thought he'd do. He would describe himself as an ordinary guy from North Dakota. He first attended a spiritualist meeting when he was a college student in Boston. After receiving a message that night from his great-grandmother's spirit, he pursued mediumship training through the world-renowned First Spiritual Temple of Boston. This morning we will be talking to Troy Parkinson who is the author of the book, “
Bridge to the Afterlife: A Medium’s Message of Hope and Healing”.  In his book he explores the ethics of spirit communication, discusses how spirits are depicted by Hollywood, and reveals how readers can develop their own mediumship abilities. His story and amazing messages from spirits, which include moving accounts of how children and animals communicate from beyond, will touch your heart, inspire your soul, and remind you that your loved ones are always with you.

Troy is the author of Bridge to the Afterlife: A Medium's Message of Hope & Healing (Llewellyn) http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=troyparkinson-20&l=as2&o=1&a=0738714356. He is a medium, inspirational speaker and filmmaker. Troy first began his study of the afterlife over 10 years ago. During his early years of development Troy studied at the First Spiritual Temple in Boston, MA. During his time in Boston, Troy participated in numerous public demonstrations of mediumship, he organized the first Boston Mediums Conference, an afternoon gathering of mediums from the greater Boston area and he also produced a short documentary on mediumship called Contacting the Beyond as his senior thesis film.In 2000, Troy returned to North Dakota with his wife and has continued to share his work in the upper Midwest ever since. Over the years, Troy’s work as a medium has spread simply by word of mouth and now he has clients worldwide. As a medium, Troy passes on the messages from the other side revealing that death does not prevail and our loved ones do live on in spirit. These touching messages have inspired hundreds of lives and have provided closure to many.Troy holds private sittings, small group sessions and public demonstrations of mediumship, along with inspirational workshops and events including: Lunches of Inspiration, Living the Law of Attraction, Your Spiritual Journey 101, An Introduction to Mediumship and The Focused Spirit Technique (a spirit inspired workshop that combines mediumship, astrology and tarot to provide focus and clarity for life’s journey).

As an inspirational speaker, Troy brings a lighthearted, down to earth approach to all things spiritual. He believes the connection to spirit is something we all have and that it is not just for the “gifted.” Troy really considers himself “just an ordinary guy” who simply dusted off his intuitive muscle and began to exercise it. Along his journey, Troy has studied a number of teachings including the journey of the soul, reincarnation, near death experiences and Reiki. He has also participated in numerous transformational workshops and groups including:
The Landmark Forum, The Holotropic Breath Work and A Course in Miracles.

In addition to his work in the spiritual realm, Troy is a filmmaker with a BA in film production from Emerson College in Boston. In his role as writer/producer/director for a film and television production company in Fargo, North Dakota, Troy pioneered DVD production at the studio and also was instrumental in the creation of a 26-episode series called House of Babies for Discovery Health Channel. House of Babies explores the activities of a midwifery run birth center in Miami. This award winning series is broadcast internationally in over 20 different countries. (Truly one of Troy’s most rewarding and personal projects, as he and his wife used a midwife for the birth of their own son.)

Troy’s ultimate goal as a filmmaker is to create spiritually driven projects. He was one of the first participants of producer Stephen Simon’s (Producer of What Dreams May Come & Somewhere in Time) spiritual cinema tele-courses and has been point person for the state of North Dakota in hosting special screenings of spiritually themed films including: What the Bleep!?!, Indigo, The Celestine Prophecy, Peaceful Warrior, Conversations with God and The Secret. In many respects, Troy’s leadership and commitment to having these films screened in North Dakota has helped ensure that ALL 50 states are able to share in these experiences. Most recently Troy directed his own independent short spiritual documentary called What is Heaven?

Troy’s mission in this life is to provide focus to spirit, mind and body. Whether it’s connecting with the other side, empowering a group about their spirit’s infinite potential or producing a television series about the miracle of all natural birth, Troy brings his energy, light and love to every experience.

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