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Monique & Alexa Peters

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Every parent will remember their child’s first day of school. You will remember how proud you were that your child was growing up and starting their education. Many children put on a big smile for Mom or Dad as they walk into school for the first time. So here is today’s question, “How is your child feeling as they enter school for the first time?” Did you know that most parents and first time students suffer from separation anxiety? Remember most children do not have the sense of time down and all they know is the person or persons in their lives that they have become attached to will not be with them…they are going away especially when you are out of sight. Today we have something different for you. We are going to be talking about the book series “Cooper and Me”. What makes this series different from others we have spoken about is that the books are written by Monique & Alexa Peters. Alexa is the illustrator of the picture books. See here is the thing…Alexa is 11, Monique is her mom. Even more amazing is that Alexa is on a mission. She wants to help build schools for children around the world! We will talk more about that during the interview…but it is our wonderful pleasure to welcome both Alexa and Monique Peters to Your Life Matters.

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