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Ed Poole, Ed.D

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As fall sets upon us, so does the holidays. Family gatherings will be taking place for Thanksgiving, Christmas & Hanukah. It is a time for happiness, celebration and a reconnection with family and loved ones. But you also need to understand that the holidays can be a time of increased sadness, pressure and stress for the millions of American who suffer from depression. Sometimes these family members just do not show up and family members get angry, frustrated and resentful and some even wonder what THEY did to drive this family member away. And we all have the relative who thinks that the person should just wake up and snap out of it. Our next guest lived with depression for 13 years. He too has missed some important family gatherings. We are going to talk about two amazing books today. The first book is titled “LESSONS FROM THE PORCH: A GATHERING PLACE FOR TELLING OUR STORIES” and the second is titled “LESSONS FROM THE CROSSROADS: FINDING MY AUTHENTIC PATH.” Our guest is a public speaker, business owner, consultant, story teller and holds a Doctor of Education Degree. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Ed Poole.

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