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Laurie Porter
Lori Campbell

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Ever wish you kids said, let’s skip McDonalds tonight and let’s eat something healthy. How about hearing them say, forget the can of soda, I would rather have one of the healthy juices instead. How about instead of watching TV or playing on the computer, I would rather go for a walk or a jog? Think I am living in some fantasy world? Maybe right now it may seem hard to get kids to eat right, exercise, and stay and think healthy. But you know it could be done…and you can start in your own home right now. Today we are going to talk about an amazing book titled, “The New Change”. The book was written by two school educators who probably know some of your children’s habits better than we as parents do. The book is broken into three parts which are fun, educational and will help you teach your child to make healthy decisions. Yes, I said that right…THEY will make the healthy choices. I think it is a family workbook for life. The authors of this great book are Lori Campbell and Laurie Porter. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Laurie Porter and Lori Campbell.

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