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Karen Quinn

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It does not make a difference anymore if you have a child that is going to a private school or a public school. By the age of 5, they will most likely be given some form of an intelligence test. Then they will be placed in the appropriate classroom. If your child is not ready for that test, they can be placed in the “slow” or “educationally challenged” class and not the “gifted children” class you were hoping for. Just getting your child into kindergarten is hard enough without the added burden of wondering if they’ll do well enough on the IQ or readiness test they has to take. So what does a parent do? Well today we are going to talk about the book “Testing for Kindergarten: Simple Strategies to Help Your Child Ace the Tests for Public School Placement, Private School Admissions, and Gifted Program Qualification.” The book is not about "teaching to the test." The children are having fun while you teach to them the underlying abilities every test assesses. The book shares the techniques that every parent can do with their kids to give them the best chance to succeed in school and beyond. It’s just good parenting—and better test scores are just the icing on the cake. Our guest today is an author and an expert who has successfully taught hundreds of parents how to work with their own children. She is a former private school admissions counselor. Please welcome Karen Quinn to Your Life Matters Show.

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