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Barb Rogers

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  • "12 Steps That Can Save Your Life" author tells us about his struggles in life and her inspiring stories overcoming all of the challenges she faced.

    Men and women, different ages, ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic levels, with varied addictions, from across the US, came forward to share stories about what it was like to work a specific step of the 12 steps, ie; what happened when they didn't. Interpersed with Barb's story of recovery in a 12 step program, are real life stories of those who are making a difference in their lives, and how they did it. It is a study of genuine recovery through the stories of real people.

    Need a costume? Want something fabulous, but can't afford it? My costume books can teach you how to make a costume from old clothes, without sewing. Whether you need a costume for a party, a theatrical production, or a parade, you'll find my methods cheap, fast, and easy. Don't want to do it yourself? Get in touch with me. Send me your used clothes, and I'll do it for you. Price varies according to what you want.

    Eastern and Western Mysticism: Want to bring good "Chi" into your home, your business, your life? Open your mind to Feng Shui. It's used by many important business people, well known entrepreneurs, and artists. My book shows you a simple method that is not difficult to understand and not costly. With a few simple changes in what you already have, you can enhance your life. Do you wonder about what you should be doing with your life, what the future may hold? Mystic Glyphs, a deck of 72 devining cards using Native American Petroglyphs and my book, explaining the layouts and meanings, might be one tool you could use to answer those questions.

    Tired of idyllic astrology books? Ladies, do you wonder why the man in your life doesn't live up to his sign? Maybe, he's unevolved. Look for the signs of the unevolved in my astrology book, "Male Basher's Zodiac" (How to Recognize the Unevolved Male) and proceed at your own risk.

    A life coach is someone who perhaps experienced and came out on the other side of the life problems you are experiencing and is willing to act as a guide, sharing how they found a productive way out. This is what I do, not only in my inspirational books, but on a one-to-one basis. I have 25 years experience working with others through relationship problems, addictions, grief, tragedy, and trauma. Since I have experienced all these things, I understand. There will be no judgement, complete discretion, and total honesty. A telephone session, can be set up by appointment only.

    Need some insight into what's going on in your life? I have over 30 years of experience reading the Tarot and designed my own set using Native American Petroglyphs. It's a wonderful tool to help you find clarity to those problems that may be disturbing your life. By appointment only.

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