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Juliet Rohde-Brown Ph.D.

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Recently I heard a friend of ours go on a rant about someone who had removed him from Facebook. This is a family show so I cannot repeat what was said. The hatred was immense. I usually only hear this from someone talking about their ex. But you have been to family gatherings where people are split into groups because someone is arguing over something. But left to simmer, the hatred burns rapidly and things just get worse. But here is today’s question…Did you know that it could be affecting your health? Harboring hostility can have dangerous effects on your health. And the book we will be discussing today addresses that very subject. The name of the book is called “IMAGINE FORGIVENESS: A GUIDE FOR CREATING A JOYFUL FUTURE.” The book was written by author and clinical psychologist Dr. Juliet Rohde-Brown. And it is our honor to welcome Dr. Juliet Rohde-Brown to Your Life Matters.

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