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Gail Rubin

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If I asked you, “Do you plan on dying?” you would probably answer “not for a long time or in fact ever if I had my way.” But let’s face it…we have had a zero success rate with trying to live forever. Some die tragically way too young. Some die from cancer. Some from a horrible accident. The inevitable is eventually going to happen. How ready are you? You might or at least should have insurance in place. Maybe and I said maybe your burial plot picked out. Even some have their will prepared and up to date. I truly hope you have done all of the above. Do not leave your family burdened with all of that after you pass. Now, what about your funeral? Have you taken the steps necessary for that as well? Do you know what type of funeral you want? Music to be played? How to be dressed? Do you want a “Green Burial”? How about a cyber funeral? Party afterwards? Favors? Today we are going to try not to be morbid and talk about funerals. It is a subject many of us do not want to talk about much less plan. Today we are going to talk about the great book. “A GOOD GOODBYE: FUNERAL PLANNING  FOR THOSE WHO DON’T PLAN TO DIE”. The author has planned or spoke at hundreds of funerals. She is a Breast Cancer survivor and a member of the Association for Death Education and Counseling. Please welcome to our show Gail Rubin.

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