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Marco Santucci 

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Our guest today grew up in a typical small Midwestern town in Illinois. He knew at a very early age that there is more to the dark of the night, and the light of day, other than the obvious. Spirits have visited him always, but being young he was afraid of such things, and chose to ignore them.

He was told as a teenager by a palm reader who had stumbled in to town that he should be the one on her side of the table. After years of constant tugging from those from the other side, endless vivid "déjà vu" moments, and finally an outer body experience that could not be dismissed, he began to search for who, and what really does exist outside of, but right next to our earthly realm.

Our guest today is Marco Santucci. Marco lives in Southern California and continues in his research daily, contacting and communicating with the other side. He frequently visits the homes of people wanting to know what may or may not be there, and he has contacted several spirits at the request of the departed friend's or families. We will talk today about his book “Paranormal Noise: Listening Beyond The Silence”.

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