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Dana Shino

"Are You Really Psychic?"
6.5 Hours, 6-Part Series

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    Our guest today has been channeling since 1987 but her psychic gifts were not identified until 2001 by a co-worker. Since that time her life has dramatically transformed from a traditional path to an indescribable journey into the esoteric realms of consciousness and energy work. She established The Purple Phoenix in 2006 which provides the practical application of metaphysical and psychic information and tools to clients.  She has also put together a 6 part series audio called “Are You Really Psychic?” It is our honor to have as our guest today, professional psychic, metaphysical journalist and author Dana Shino.

    Dana Shino and The Purple Phoenix
    Like many of you, there was a time in my life when I never, ever, not-for-a-million-years thought I was psychic. Even when I was consciously calling in light and channeling on the banks of the Poudre River north of Fort Collins, Colorado in 2002, I still didn't connect my abilities and practices as being psychic. That was for other, more talented individuals. That was for people in the know. But gradually, I moved ever closer to the inevitable epiphany in the spring of 2005 when my thoughts and energy spontaneously combusted within me and I felt the impact of, "Oh, my God! I'm psychic!"

    My psychic epiphany rattled me to my core and I thought "Now what?!" I was excited about the prospects of connecting with my psychic gifts. I was concerned about explaining this to my family and friends (because of the cultural stigma). I wasn't quite sure what to do with this information.

    It didn't take long after this epiphany for another to follow. And I consider this a far greater epiphany: "Oh, my God! We're all psychic!" As I continued along my journey, I experienced the bright lights of intuitive and psychic gifts in others, even when they didn't recognize it in themselves. I knew, without a shadow of a doubt that the real message is this: We're all powerful, beautiful, gifted souls on this planet in very unique, wonderful, eclectic ways. It's only a matter of time before we're all shining our intuitive and psychic gifts like beacons in the night.

    So, when I founded The Purple Phoenix (www.thepurplephoenix.com) in Durango, Colorado in the fall of 2006, I made a commitment to several things. I committed to doing psychic readings with ethics and integrity. More so, I committed to teaching to others the psychic and intuitive skills I believe we're all fully capable of wielding. My message to you is this: Yes, you are psychic. We're all psychic. It's time to constructively, compassionately, creatively and powerfully wield our gifts.

    Dana Shino is a professional psychic and metaphysical journalist (B.A. in Journalism, Indiana University) living in Durango, Colorado with her partner Bob and their two cats.

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