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David Sleppy

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Here is today’s question, How would you exist if you felt no one saw you? Now, I am not talking about anything paranormal. I am talking about real people. People, many of us pass everyday on the streets of the big cities. You see them there, but do we? Have we learned to block them out? Make believe they do not exist? Keep walking or sometimes speed up just to get by them? The people I am talking about is the homeless people in America. I lived in NYC…I saw them every day. I even saw people do anything they could to avoid them. They were afraid these people were crazy, would rob them, spit on them and more. But who are these people? How did they get there? Our next guest asks that same question. Using his eloquent use of photography, he has compiled a powerful depiction of our overlooked brothers and sisters, living on the streets…alone, hungry, sometimes freezing. Most did not choose to be there. With today’s economy it can happen fast. And it is happening to people, even families every day. The name of the book is “No One Sees Me” and it is our honor to have a fellow Hoosier businessman join us today on Your Life Matters
David Sleppy.

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