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Jason Deirdlein

Our guest is author, speaker and a true inspiration Jason Deierlein. At age 16 popular swimming star Jason was in a horrible car accident and in a coma facing some of life toughest challenges to survive and life a normal life. We bring you Jason & his story about the book "Return From A Comatose Mind".

Paul "Tall Paul" Drury

Our show today features, Tall Paul's "Nothin' But Try". It is the life story of Shane Drury, a professional bull rider who was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma. The book details Shane's life of sports, rodeo, family, friends, faith, grit, determination and "try", as he fought his courageous battle with the deadly disease. Both inspiring and endearing, the story takes you from Shane's first bull ride through his entire career, highlighted by his appearance at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada and his record setting 95 point ride in Reno, Nevada.  

Jerry Glover

There comes a single moment in many people’s lives that defines who they have been and who they are destined to become. For some people it comes at the most unexpected of times. For our next guest, Jerry Glover it came at a moment that was one of the lowest in his life. His book “Play to Win” uses a collection of stories based on his time as a force in Alabama football as a vehicle for sharing his views on spirituality and his relationship with God. 

Gary Hoffman

OK I want to ask our listeners, have you ever seen someone do something and think, “I really wanna do that!” For some it is parachuting out of an airplane, others it is hang gliding, we have had mountain climbers here on the show, some even consider bungee jumping as well. But truly, how many of you go back and do it? In 1976 our next guest told his wife, “Someday, Someday I’ll do that!” Well guess what? In 2002 he went back with his son and did it! Now what did he do you ask? Let me say this, what they did accomplish was something that fewer than 5 people complete every year! What they did was canoe the Mississippi River…all 2,552 miles of it! They did it in a 20 foot Kevlar canoe, sometimes facing 6 foot waves. The book we will be discussing today is called “Mighty Miss”. The book highlights the trip…all of the trials and tribulations of the Mississippi and the relationship between a father and son. Our guest today has been guiding canoe trips for over 45 years. He is a guide, instructor, a director of organizational operations at schools and religious institutions, teacher, counselor, minister and author. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Gary Hoffman.

Robert Martinez

Let’s start off with today’s question: What if you really wanted to do something. I mean it was your dream. And you were good at it. What if you had a disorder that was trying to stand in the way of your dreams? Would you give up on the dream? Well today we are going to talk about the unique life of Brandon Martinez. Brandon suffers from Tourette Syndrome. We are going to speak to Robert Martinez today. Robert is Brandon’s dad. Robert will talk about his fight for the education of special children, their civil rights and educational privileges, and their personal, emotional, and special needs. Robert will educate us today on Tourette Syndrome. He will also tell us about his fight to help Brandon carve a path to the Major League Draft and into professional baseball. He is the author of the compelling, must read book “Born To Play”.

Kerrie Paige

When we say football in the U.S. we think of Payton Manning, jerseys, helmets, padding, tackling and touchdowns. In the rest of the world, if you say football, it is associated with the word GOOOOOOOAAAALLLL. In the U.S. soccer has slowly put a dent in America’s favorite past time baseball. We saw that with the recent World Cup and the excitement it brought here in our own country. More and more kids today are playing soccer. In fact there are more than 3 million youth soccer players in this country. So here is today’s question: Who are the soccer moms that drive the kids from game to game? How do they prepare for their child’s soccer life? The book we will discuss today builds on the team-centered focus of soccer and also provides a wealth of useful information on improving kids' healthy life skills, such as nutrition, fitness, teamwork, relationships, discipline, sportsmanship, safety, and even fundraising. Parents will feel ready to "get in the game" when they're encouraged and empowered to share in their children's excitement by training and playing in their own leagues, as well as coaching and volunteering for their kids. The name of the book is “SOCCER FOR MOMS: Game & Parenting Essentials for Healthy Kids” and it is our pleasure to welcome to Your Life Matters author and real-life soccer mom Kerrie Paige.

(no book)

Jordan Romero

  A Boy and a Quest for the Seven Summits

  2010 news: it’s ON. Everest, the north side. Depart late March ‘10.

My Quest to Climb the 7 Summits


Paul, Jordan, Karen Reached The Summit of Mt. Everest – 5/22/10
World Record – Jordan the Youngest Ever to Stand on the Summit
World Record – The First Family to Stand Together on the Summit

David F. Salter

What if you were a basketball coach and could lead your team to the perfect season? What if you were to win the NCAA finals? What if you were a coach for a prestigious college basketball team? What if you were a woman coach? How hard would it be to become a successful, respected coach? Would you have to work harder than the men coaches? These ladies operate in the ultimate ‘win or you’re fired’ industry. They manage staffs and players under constant media and public scrutiny, with the burden of healthy salaries. Who are they? What are their secrets to successful leadership? Well our guest today was intrigued by this and asked the same questions. Today we will be talking about the book, “Final Four Leadership” and our guest is the author and leadership keynote speaker David F. Salter.

(no book)

JT Stapp

Our guest today is the Tree City Tornado, race car driver JT Stapp. Born and raised in Greensburg Indiana. Started racing Go-Karts at age 15 in 1993. Got the nickname as "The Tree City Tornado" on a local radio show in 2004. J.T. is single and a college graduate, with his Associates Degree in Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University. He plans to further his education in the coming years.