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Chip St. Clare

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As children do we really know who our parents really are? I am sure in 99% of the cases, the answer is yes. Everything you have learned about your parents through the years, from family and friends, make up the people they are and are intertwined as part of the person you have become. But what about that other 1%? How do they know who their parents really are? Today we are going to take you to one of those homes. I do not want to give away the story line in my introduction, but you WILL want to listen to today’s interview. It is a story of hope, triumph and discovery of the true measure of strength each one of us has when we simply gain the courage to look within. This story has been featured nationally on Dateline and Good Morning America. The book we will be discussing today is called, “The Butterfly Garden”. Universities and schools across the country have now incorporated this book into their curriculum. The author is the founder and executive director of the St. Clair Butterfly Foundation. He fights relentlessly for tough legislation aimed at combating identity theft and protecting children from abuse. There is so much more I can say about him, but I will let him tell you about himself, please welcome to our show Chip St. Clair.

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