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Allison Stillman

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So let’s start with today’s question…Do you know what essentials oils are? No, we are not talking about the BP oil spill. What if I asked you if you know what Boswellia sacra or sometimes called carterii is? Betcha you would know it if I called it by its other name Frankincense – one of the gifts brought to Jesus by the Three Wise Men. How about if I asked you about anointing with essential oils? Now that I have your attention we will be talking about the book “The Sacred Art of Anointing”.  The anointing with these oils can enhance inner wisdom and guidance, induce deeper education and awaken higher states of consciousness. Our guest today is a world renowned aromatic alchemist.  She has been called the High Priestess of The Sacred Art of Anointing. She is a teacher, visionary, holistic practitioner. She is an ordained minister who lives in the sacred valley of Ojai, CA. Allison is one of the world's leading authorities on anointing, and has performed anointing ceremonies across the country for over 20 years, with a private practice in Ojai. She also performs sacred wedding ceremonies, house blessings, group anointing ceremonies, and provisioning for the journey back home into the light, commonly called "last rites". It is our honor to welcome to Your Life Matters, Allison Stillman.

"The Sacred Art of Anointing" is the first publicly available book in countless centuries that educates the reader about an ancient ceremonial use of consecrated essential oils to make, or declare one sacred, holy, and Divine. "The Sacred Art of Anointing" looks at the historical use of essential oils in spiritual and religious ceremony, gives definitive information about essential oils, crystals and gemstones, sound therapy, and the art of consecration; which enables the reader to shift into a more balanced, graceful, and abundant way of life. This book is a comprehensive guide to the sacred art of anointing as practiced in the ancient temples of Egypt. It provides any reader with everything they need to know in order to create ceremonies to be performed for health and well being, to develop inner wisdom and guidance, to induce deeper states of relaxation, and to awaken higher states of consciousness and Divine realization.

About the Author

Allison Stillman is a teacher, visionary, holistic practitioner, and ordained minister. Allison has traveled extensively teaching and sharing her love and knowledge of essential oils, and the ancient art of anointing. She has reclaimed anointing, as used throughout the history of time, and combined the ancient practice with modern research, bringing a new awareness to an ancient sacred art.

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