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David Strumfels

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  • Today we will be talking with author David Strumfels and his book “Wondering About”. Wondering About is the personal journey of a mind that has used imagination, curiosity, and wonder to try to make sense of the world, using science as the bedrock of the road taken. The journey is personal in that today’s guest has recently discovered that he suffers from Aspergers’ Syndrome, a form of high functioning autism that makes relating to other human beings extraordinarily difficult. Through the many sufferings of this condition prior his diagnosis, his curiosity and passion to understand have allowed him to keep asking questions, and develop his own mind to where he can share it with others.

    David J. Strumfels lives and writes with his wife and two amazing (to him, at least) children in Philadelphia, PA. Actually, his wife is amazing too, as she is a Vietnamese “boat person” who grew up in war and Communist conquest of her land, and was fortunate enough to survive the many ordeals she has gone through. Although he has been to Vietnam as a tourist, in 1999, he met his wife at a local community college in 1981.  

    Wondering About is a comprehensive guide that discusses man’s everlasting struggle to learn what his place in the universe is and what the true purpose of his existence is all about. By dealing with the many forms of science and humanity, this release also serves as an intellectual autobiography – an expedition through author David Strumfels’ mind and his life as a human being. Through the author’s views, readers will learn many relevant things such as the development of civilization through the ages, how science helped mankind make many crucial discoveries about the universe, why people’s curiosity and imagination never gets satisfied, and much more.

    Wondering About promises to push the reader’s reason and thinking to the edge.

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