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Julie Subotky

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OK so let’s start off today’s interview with a few questions…Have you ever wondered how to put a photo on a cookie? How about how to create your own wine cellar? Maybe brew your own beer? And my favorite, How to be a Comedian? OK so many of you try, especially on the comedian one, but seriously there are a lot of things we sometimes wish we could do, but just have no clue how to begin. Well today, maybe we can help. Now come one, how many of you travel and have your luggage lost? Men, how many of you have heard you wife say that she wishes you would organize your closet? Well all of this and more is answered for you. In fact 228 of them are answered in this great book titled, “Consider It Done: Accomplish 228 of Life’s Trickiest Tasks. I want to read you 2 reviews of our guest today Julie Subotky’s book…”Julie Subotky’s secrets for getting things done are nothing short of problem-solving genius.” That was written by Evelyn Lauder, Senior VP is Estee Lauder Companies. Or how about Chris Evert who wrote, “I can’t remember the last time I read a book that was so useful and funny at the same time. No question in my mind: this book is a winner.” Or maybe “I truly believe that every home in America should have this book. We should give it to people when they get their own place so they will know the wonderful and easy tips and secrets to do many of the things you thought were impossible for you to do!” OK, I wrote that last one, but it is the truth. Our guest today is an author, the founder, CEO and owner of a company called Consider It Done. It is a high-end lifestyle management and personal concierge company which she will tell us more about today. Please welcome to Your Life Matters Julie Subotky.

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