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Dr. Cheryle Sullivan

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  • Dr. Cheryle Sullivan shares some of her journey with you. 
     After my 2002 Tramatic Brain Injury (TBI) I was continuing to have difficulty dealing with the losses I'd had, both in my own personal functioning abilities and the related loss of my career.  In 2005 I had a near fatal car accident, with resultant injuries that were potentially life-threatening.  As I recovered from these injuries, my father had a near fatal accident and suffered a TBI.  Almost the entire year was wiped out in dealing with these issues.  Just as I was getting my feet under me in 2006,   I found out that my 12 year old Boston Terrier was at risk of dying due to a faulty heart valve and my younger, and I thought much healthier Boston Terrier developed a brain tumor.  Fortunately, it was a type sensitive to radiation treatment and he responded well.  When I asked his veterinarian what might be the consequences of the tumor and treatment in relationship to his cognitive function, I was told "He only has to be a dog<".  This gave me a start, as he would likely be as happy as before, even with cognitive changes, because he didn't expect himself to be more than just a dog.
     I began 2007 with a new attitude, that being a doctor and a pilot was what I did, not who I was.  I also came to realize that in the scope of life, being alive and in pretty good physical condition, as well as having the ability and means to take care of myself and more, was a pretty good thing.  I also finally realized that in life, the journey is as important as the destination.  I decided to travel, visiting the last of the 50 states, I'd yet to visit, and while traveling to resume work on the Brain Injury Tools book I'd started before my car accident and had set aside.  This 2007 journey eventually led me to visit all 50 states in my 50th year and to meet many wonderful people along the journey, many with personal or family experience with brain injury.  The book I had labored to start, seemed to just write itself and after I submitted it to
    Demos Medical Publishing
    , became Brain Injury Survival Kit.  2007 was the year I finally found peace, I was able to accept the new me and leave behind my medical career and the
     I hope as I continue my journey, that I can help others dealing with brain injury to better understand and deal with the changes in themselves, their family members or their friends.  I also hope to help remove the title "Silent Epidemic" from brain injury by speaking publicly wherever and whenever possible, to raise the knowledge and understanding of this topic among the medical community as well as the general public. 
     Let the journey begin!

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