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Annette Sym

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  • You can still enjoy your favorites such as lasagna, pasta sauces, stroganoff, desserts and guilt free baking. I will show you how simple changes to the way you cook can transform your life and your health. Our guest is Australian's Cooking Sensation, author and TV personality Annette Sym who went from frumpy, to fit and fabulous by cooking recipes that my whole family enjoys.

    If you love to eat and do not have a lot of time or money to spend on cooking then she can help. Her way of cooking is so easy that the basic technique is to chop it up, chuck it in the pot and cook it. No skills required. All the ingredients used in my recipes are found easily from your local supermarket. This means not only do you get to save dollars but you save time. Most of her recipes can be frozen so you don’t waste food and are so quick to make they take less time then going out for pizza.

    Annette's recipes are so healthy that they are suitable for people with Type 2 Diabetes. Perfect for anyone who has heart or cholesterol concerns and if you are overweight then look no further, She lost 70lbs using these recipes. If that isn’t enough the one thing that she loves about her weight loss plans and recipes is that you not only shed those pounds, you keep them off. She did just this and have been in her healthy weight range now for over 17 years and so can you. Say goodbye to thunder thighs and hello to a life of abundant energy, fitness and health. So give it a go. Hey, what have you got to lose but inches!

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