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Ryan G. Van Cleave Ph.D.

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It started years ago with Donkey Kong, Super Mario or Space Invaders. People would line up at the video machines in stores to play and to play against each other. As home PCs became more common, the games made it into people’s homes and lives. The game “The Sims” started people sitting in front of their pc for hours on end. More and more games came out. The access of the Internet made gaming even more common and acceptable. Anyone who has ever been on Facebook knows about Farmville, or Mafia Wars. X-Box, WII, and now lets even try to lure some of the older people back in with The Rock Band Series and The Beatles! So here is today’s question….how much time do you spend a week playing video games? Be honest, we cannot hear your answer. If you do not think video game addiction is a problem, know that in 2007 more than 5 million kids may have been addicted. It is a multi-billion dollar industry. Like cigarettes, many people are hooked and will not even admit it. You will hear, “I am doing it to have fun…I am not harming anymore…” Our guest today has heard all of this…we will talk about his book “UNPLUGGED: MY JOURNEY INTO THE DARK WORLD OF VIDEO GAME ADDICTION”. It is our pleasure to welcome to Your Life Matters teacher, professional speaker, an addiction & recovery consultant, Executive Director of C&R Press and author of 16 books, Ryan G. Van Cleave.

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