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Wayne Brown

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I am going to throw a few names at you…Lurch from the Adams Family, Fred Gwynne who you may remember as Herman Munster, Andre the Giant from wrestling, Richard Kiel better known as Jaws from the James Bond Movies, how about possibly even Abraham Lincoln…what do all of these famous people have in common? If you think about their characteristics, you would say they were very tall. And you would be correct. But what you probably do not realize is that they suffered from a disfiguring disease called acromegaly. With the exception of Abe Lincoln, television basically cast these people as freaks of some sort. Many people do some unknowingly cruel things like stare at these people, tell them jokingly you remind me of Lurch, some even laugh and whisper. I know it is ignorance at not knowing about the disease but I am sure if you were suffering from this, there would be days you would find it hard to deal with the illness and its effects on the body without having to deal with the ignorant idiot who is humming the Adams family theme song. Remember we do not make fun of a person in a wheelchair, with Downs Syndrome or other debilitating disease and we need to be aware of our words and actions. So what is acromegaly? Our guest today is going to clue us in so this word becomes a part of our vocabulary. The book he has complied is called, “Alone in My Universe: Struggling with an Orphan Disease in an Unsympathetic World.” Please welcome to Your Life Matters Wayne Brown.

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